The Believer's Organization

Empowering People to Believe & Live Holistic Healthy Lives

Your charitable gift can make a significant and immediate difference in the lives of the children and families we serve, and there are many ways to help. 

The Believers Organization TBO accepts gifts in-kind donations consisting of gently used or new clothing, furniture, books, toys, bicycles, and other items a foster child or family may benefit from. Such activities may include a family trip to the movies, going out to dinner, or may cover the cost of museum, park, or zoo memberships.

Beginning in September, TBO searches for donors to participate in our annual holiday gift drive, which helps to provide gifts for foster children, biological and adopted children, and the biological families currently or recently involved with our agency. Gifts are collected throughout the month of December and labeled for each child. Holiday parties are then held in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, where the gifts are distributed to each child by Santa!

You may also consider sponsoring a foster child event! TBO holds various types of events and outings for our families throughout the year, and your contribution can help subsidize the costs of these events. 

Thank you for your support! 

Every donation helps us change lives no matter how big or how small.